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5 tips for a perfect real estate transaction press release

The real estate transaction press release, a simple way to position your real estate or real estate project. Yet it is not so easy to write a transaction press release. Because when is a transaction actually worth reporting? And what exactly should be in such a press release? At the Syrinx PR & Communication office we held a small brainstorm session and wrote the 5 tips for a perfect real estate transaction press release!

Does the news meet the criteria of the real estate press?

Not every transaction is worth reporting. That is why the property press uses a number of criteria for reporting a press release. Always check first if your transaction meets these criteria:

- Investment volume higher than EUR 1 million
- Office transactions larger than 750 m2
- Logistic transactions greater than 10,000 m2
- Business space transactions greater than 1,000 m2
- All retail transactions

Tune in with the parties involved

Multiple parties are always involved in a transaction. It is important to ask whether the tenant, landlord, buyer or seller agrees to a press release. If so, who are the advising parties and consider whether they also need coordination with them.

The content of the press release

A transaction press release can usually be divided into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph you tell who has rented, bought, sold or rented what (what type of property) to whom. You also state the size (m2) of the transaction and the location of the object.

There is room for additional information in the second paragraph. For example, consider relevant facts / details about the object, any renovations or the number of floors. Also describe the location or special aspects of the area.

In the third paragraph, if applicable, describe whether the real estate is part of a larger whole (for example, part of a shopping center), place any quotes and appoint the relevant advisors.


Indispensable in a press release is visual material. Deliver a photo of at least 500kB with every press release. If there is no photo of the object, you can alternatively choose a render or a general photo of the concept.

The boilerplate

At the bottom of the press release you add a - as they call - boilerplate, a piece of text about the organization. This section provides the most important information about the company or organization in a few sentences and contains links to the website and any social media channels. This text is part of the positioning and is often placed under the 'Note to editors'. Are you a new company or are you not yet familiar with the press? Then this text can also be placed at the bottom of the press release - above the note for the editors.

Good luck!

If you keep these five steps, there is a nice basis for a transaction message. Do not forget to write the message in the third person and have the press release approved by the PR and communication department or PR adviser. Good luck!

Can you use some extra help with real estate transaction press releases? Then contact Syrinx PR and communication, the PR agency for the real estate industry.

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